Feature rich, yet super simple to use is the motto. From creating one time events for any type of gathering, like code conferences, dress up parties and even slumber parties… you name it.

Create events, for any occasion.

Easily create events for any occasion, no matter what you have planned. With a clean user interface to get right to it, without distractions.

View the dashboard, also known as ‘Home’, to keep track of all your upcoming and current events, including all of your latest bookings.


Dig right into the event details to view even more information and make edits, just to make them that much better.

View all your bookings for you event easily, with an easy to navigate list. Search bookings with ease, for when someone changes their mind or you need to get in touch with them directly.

If Flash Gordon books, make sure to send him a thank you email.

Event Details

Add bookings with ease with auto complete on previous attendees in your list, to creating newcomers (always fun!).

Public event page

Display your event on a special public page. Take bookings and show off your event.

Public event

All this without distraction to the user. They can get right to it and book.

If someone signs up, you have the option to be notified. Pretty handy.

Coming soon

You’ll soon be able to display specific time blocks, great for classes or events where you need to take a booking on a scheduled time basis.

Manage your attendees

The more people that book the better, right? Simple Schedule lets you create a new attendee on the fly with ease, allowing you to add them to any event. Useful for when someone emails you their details. Or you can create a new attendee by just creating a booking. Easy. The path you take is your choice.

View details of an attendee, make edits and find out about their bookings.

Attendee Details

More coming soon

We’re in public beta at the moment, which means not all features are ready.

To make events and bookings more flexible I’ll be adding the following features:

  • Appointments - for those one offs, when you want to schedule a simple one on one.
  • Events with time slots - great for classes and bookings. Karate anyone?

I’m always happy to add features, if enough people ask for them, so please get in touch and let me know.