A new and simple way to manage bookings, appointments and gatherings. Even superhero dress up parties!

Simple Schedule is being crafted by me, Vincent Ritter, as a 60 day code challenge that I set myself. Driven by feedback by the community, friends and family.

Born from a 'scratch your own itch' idea to learn more and broadening my skills.

My aim is to create a simple app that people will enjoy and find many uses for. I believe too many services and apps out there are too complicated to use and rely heavily on rich user experiences without focusing on what matters.

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The web app is lightweight and doesn't track you with Google Analytics or anything else that is creepy. I rely on word of mouth and feedback to see how well it's doing. On top, this gives me freedom to develop features without worrying about "conversions" or other things like that.

I wanted to create something that makes me happy to work on and to learn, so the service is free to use. Gaining knowledge is priceless. I may add a tip jar at some stage if you want to support the project.

If you’re interested to follow along the development process please head over to a special part of my site to find out more where I blog about pretty much everything concerning the project.

I'm always looking at evolving it and I invite you to get started. If you have questions or want to say hello you can email me: [email protected].